10 Reasons to Fall in Love and Get Married

10 Reasons to Fall in Love and Get Married

Spending your life with a significant other is one of the most incredible feelings life itself has to offer. Marriage isn't for everybody; some are even fearful of it. Locking down true freedom and prioritising the happiness of someone else over your own can at first seem like a bad idea. However, with the right person spiritually and emotionally, marriage is a concept that very much leads the way to a vital, eventful and most importantly happy future - we all want one of those. Marrying your soul mate doesn't force you into a hole of darkness, it opens up a fruitful life full of exploration, adventure and connection.

1. No More Dating (or Swiping)

Dates can drain the bank balance. Some can be exciting, but let's be honest most turn out to be either a little bit awkward or a waste of time. Save that energy for building your career, loving one cherished individual and developing a successful, stable family life. No more downloading dating apps, no more trying to impress. The best part about this is you can still date, but it'll be with someone you know you'll have a great time with - your love.

2. Silent Connection

Getting to the stage where you finish your partners' sentences, and they finish yours, is a beautiful achievement. At this point, your minds are in sync and you know what each other is thinking most of the time. Looking at each other as you see something only you two find hilarious in the street brings that sense of belonging and purity. Not only will they do the dishes before you ask, but they're more likely to buy you a gift you'll cherish.

3. Contribute to Humanity

There's no one correct way to live, but setting an example to the rest of humanity by demonstrating love is certainly something to be proud of. You won't be in it for others, just each other, but we've all smiled at a madly in-love couple at some point in our lives. It's a beautiful sight, and to be the couple others smile at, brightening their own day as you enjoy yours, brings reward. We humans are driven by one of two emotions. Love or hate. Show the world how beautiful life can be when people simply choose the former.

4. Unforgettable Experience

Marriage will never truly be forgotten, especially when booking an experienced, trusted photographer and videographer. Walking down the aisle to both your favourite song, looking back at your significant other as they do so, cutting the cake, performing a first-dance... Not everybody gets the opportunity to do these. If your heart is open then life will encourage you into marriage at the right time. Listen, and make the most of the experience when love calls your name. Life is all about experiences, and marrying your true love is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

5. Pure Comfort

No more trying to impress someone. In a successful marriage, where both parties know and understand one another completely, you no longer have to close the bathroom door and hide your true feelings about situations. Sitting down with your love presents you with an open ear and open mind, one that will support you through hardships and laugh through funny times. In the company of the right person, single life doesn't seem so appealing anymore. Finally, you can be 100% yourself without second-guessing your actions.

6. Social Circle

Those in a binding relationship are more likely to make new friends. There's something about being with another that puts strangers at ease and feel safe and secure. Both sides of the relationship can introduce one another to their social circle, building it up and often doubling in size. Not only can you choose to go to the bar with your significant other, but when in a committed relationship or marriage, you can join other people you trust and make every occasion another unforgettable memory. Climb mountains in a group, and snuggle up in the evening. Surely that's the perfect balance?

7. Traveling Buddy

Traveling alone can be a great experience, but traveling with your love will likely be far more rewarding. Not only will you have yet another moving story to tell other people, but you can share the experience of diving into a new culture. Trying new cocktails together on the beach, both leaping outside your comfort zone, seeing the world hand-in-hand and even daily walks to the local park all count as traveling. Leaving the front door behind and opening your mind to new experiences as a developing couple will do wonders for your relationship.

8. Best Friend

They say when you go to University you'll meet friends for life, but this is rarely the case. Certain people will remain contactable from school, university or the workplace, but to have a best friend for life is another level. Unless you're going the military, friendships come and go. Whoever is your closest friend now may not be in 5 or 10 years' time. However, marrying your best friend almost guarantees that stable friendship for way more than 10 years. Where you were once two people, you can finally come together and be one. The smiles, the looking into the eyes and the cuddling will always be there.

9. Rewarding Sex Life

Casual sex can feel very empty indeed. Nobody wants to be left feeling unfulfilled or disappointed after being intimate in such a sacred way. Only bringing a significant other into bed can bring a super rewarding sex life. Intimacy as you've never felt it, a strong emotional bond during an activity that heightens your spirits, and no feeling guilty if it all happens too quickly. An understanding partner is something most singletons dream of at some point. Marrying the wrong person will never lead to a broken sex life, it'll merely get better and excel beyond your wildest dreams.

10. Look Back

How many times have you seen an old couple holding hands and thought 'relationship goals'? If you haven't then you're lying to yourself, or have been hiding in a hole for the past decade. Who doesn't truly want to look back at the age of 80 at their incredible love-filled life with a partner and laugh at the time one of you fell over at the beach, slipped into the lake, or lost the keys to your new convertible. Glancing at old photos of adventures and your Wedding Day will bring a feeling of life achievement and fulfillment. What's more, sharing your stories with your grand-kids would be a dream come true. We humans spend most of our life thinking about retirement - we work for it, plan for it, and get anxious over it. We might as well invest not only financially but emotionally too.