10 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Videographer

Photography is essential for any wedding, and despite videography starting out as a luxury extra it too is becoming commonplace for a number of reasons. At least 10 reasons, and we're sharing them with you below.

1. See everything in between

Photography captures those emotional candid shots and stunning posed family portraits outside the church or within the grounds of the reception, but something a stills camera cannot capture is everything in between. The real-time mannerisms, gestures, laughter and physical presence of your loved ones - family members and friends alike - can all be witnessed in a more natural way. Where a wedding photographer captures a moment of history, a wedding videographer brings a moment of history to life. Videographers are shooting all the time, even while the photographer is off producing stunning, creative portraits with the newly wed couple. Everything that happens away from the photographer will now become available to witness when you look back at your special day.

2. Relive your wedding anytime

Nothing brings back emotions or vivid memories like a highlights video of your day does. Like looking into a mirror, seeing yourself during the vows, speeches or first dance will trigger the same emotions you felt during it. Not to mention your new spouse. Seeing them smile and cry on the happiest day of their lives will hit a spot in your own heart every time you witness it. Don't just see your wedding day anytime in the future, feel it. With a digital file, backed up online, you'll never be without your video. It will be a very small but very important part of your identity.

3. New perspective of your wedding

You remember your wedding by the thoughts and feelings that overcame you during the day. However, seeing the wedding from a unique, creative and cinematic perspective casts a fresh spell on you. There's something super magical about witnessing your own special day through the eyes of your guests (and those of a creative professional). You realise there was even more love, joy, laughter and beauty than originally thought.

4. Share with the absent

Many weddings do go ahead without a select few who couldn't make it for logistical or financial reasons. Oftentimes there are one or two guests whose plans change dramatically in the run up to the day. Whether their own spouse was giving birth, they became ill or their workplace gave them an ultimatum, you can be sure they'll still be present but in a slightly more modern way. Nobody will miss your ceremony, speeches or first dance when you have a video to hand. Request real-time footage of the three big events and your absent guests will no longer be absent, nor your entire social media network.

5. Cheaper than you think

Particularly with our own professional videography service, you can indulge in first-class filmmaking without spending a ridiculous amount of money. Videographers are one of the most important and valuable assets to any wedding. Spending hundreds of pounds on a cake that's eaten within 30 minutes cannot be compared to spending the same amount of money on a quality videographer whose content with stay with you for the rest of your life, and that of your family's future generations. Sometimes it's a good decision to scale back on the decor, and up the amount of coverage. Finding the right balance will lead to an unforgettable day, literally.

6. Star in your own movie

Weddings are a fairytale for both the bride and groom, but mainly the bride. Looking into your partners eyes as the vows are asked to be repeated plunges you into a deep sense of Disney. Suddenly, you have become that princess or prince you admired as a child for many years. Not many people are given the opportunity to be the central figure of a blockbuster, but weddings present the perfect opportunity for it. Not only do you feel the centre of the universe when your partner says "I do" too, but having the entire day recorded by a professional videographer keeps that feeling with you forever. You have written your own fairytale storyline, and your video is the movie.

7. Capture friends and family on that day

Life moves on, and so do the people in it. Sometimes a wedding is the only day in the year a certain family member or friend can be close. Having them captured by video on that day keeps them near you at all times. Just press play and the vivid memory of hugging them after the ceremony will come flying back. From watching the smiles of passed grandparents to witnessing your child when they were a specific age, these are all moments you cannot bring back unless you have a professional videographer present on your day.

8. A thousand photos

It's known that photos speak a thousand words. The next level of that phrase relates to hiring a videographer, for every video speaks a thousand photos. The emotion you see in a photo is amplified in a video that captures the same scene. With a highlights video, you experience your own journey multiple times. You'll forget the words of a speech. You'll forget the feeling of a photo. But you'll never forget the story of a video.

9. Moving photos

On a technical level, a video is merely a collection of photos taken consecutively over a period of time. Each collection is a scene. Most of us have a smart phone which brings a photo to life in its gallery. It's become a favoured way of viewing images, because they feel more real. A video does exactly that. It is exactly that. Be part of your wedding day an unlimited amount of times. See your day come to life, even decades later.

10. You won't regret it

No couple has ever regretted having a photographer present at their wedding. Some may have chosen the wrong photographer, but having one photo is better than having none. Being able to relive your wedding day in the comfort of your family home, with your friends and family, or even alone, will never bring a feeling of guilt or regret. The only emotions you'll experience are those of pure love that were present on the day of your vows. Couples come in pairs, and so does photography and video. You'll never look back. Well, not in a metaphorical sense.