30 Essential Wedding Photos

Every Wedding follows a similar structure, and depending on the nature of the day there may be more or less coverage. However, we say there are at least 30 key shots every photographer should capture.

Before the Ceremony

1. Venue Exterior

This place marks the start of a new chapter.

2. Wedding Dress

It's a signature part of any wedding, waiting patiently for it all to begin.

3. Bride's Wedding Shoes

These icons are easily missed, yet are an important asset of the Bride.

4. Bouquets

Very much part of the Ceremony, and the only object which can decide the fate of a Singleton when caught.

5. Bride's Hair & Make-up

The transition of a woman into a Bride.

6. Table Place Settings

A small but absolutely necessary detail for the Reception.

7. Floral Decorations

Every single decoration has been thought about, and together they make up the personality of the venue.

8. Groom Getting Ready

It's his special day too.

9. Fastening the Dress

Suddenly everything becomes much more real. Tears start to flow.

10. Bride with Bridesmaids

They spent all morning together but may never be seen together in a photo again. It's important they are captured today.

11. Ceremony Decor

Paving the way for the Bride.

12. Guests Arriving

Without an audience, did the Wedding even happen?

13. Groom with Best Man & Ushers

It's the moment of truth, boys.

The Ceremony

14. The Wedding Car

Arriving in style, with her father.

15. Groom and Best Man at the Altar

She's literally about to walk through those doors.

16. Walking Up the Aisle

One of the most memorable moments for the Groom.

17. Vows

We do.

18. The Rings

To seal their love for eternity.

19. First Kiss

If a Wedding Photographer doesn't capture this shot, is he really a Wedding Photographer?

20. Signing the Register

The legal stuff is just as essential as the fun stuff.


21. Confetti

Who doesn't love a confetti shot?

22. Newlywed Creative Shots

Them versus the world.

23. The Formal Photos

The all-important family shots. Without these, an album lacks formality.

The Reception

24. Wedding Guests Celebrating

Laughter all day long.

25. Newlyweds Entering the Reception

Their first entrance as a married couple.

26. Speeches

Time to crack some jokes and embarrass the Groom.

27. Cutting the Cake

It's a shame to destroy something so beautiful, but it's a significant moment of any traditional Wedding.

28. First Dance

The stage is all yours.

29. Father/Daughter Dance

She's been given away but she'll never truly be gone.

30. The Party

The fun continues all night long.