How much should you pay for a Wedding Photographer?

It's hard to know how much to pay for a Wedding Photographer in an already-saturated market of photographers who offer to provide a variety of packages, styles and approaches. There's no doubt that you have a near-unlimited choice of creative individuals capable of shooting a wedding professionally, but as with any industry there are also a number of inexperienced photographers. Their work shouldn't necessarily be shunned off, for everybody starts somewhere.

However, for the majority of the population, it's a once-in-a-lifetime occasion to marry, and to risk poor photographic coverage is a decision nobody should take. There's more to think about than just money. Reputation, experience, portfolio, informal education, academia, social behaviour, commitment, loyalty and motivation are all important factors that play into the cost of hiring a Photographer. After all, if you're inviting a stranger into one of the most important moments of your life, you want to be sure they are trustworthy and able to animate your vision.

Here we will provide you with a short but comprehensive guide to how much you should probably pay for a Wedding Photographer.

The National Average

This year we conducted independent research into the Wedding Photographer's market to discover the UK's average quote for Wedding Photography. It's important to note that out of the 1170 quotes we received, we cannot guarantee they were from 1170 separate suppliers, but the statistics will give you a good indication of pricing. From there you can work out exactly how far above or below the average amount your potential Wedding Photographer is attempting to quote; you can dive deeper and question yourself how legitimate your quote really is based on additional factors.

We approached companies and sole traders alike in the major districts of England, and include Wales in our research.

We received 30 individual quotes from 39 counties/areas of the UK. We recorded each value and generated an average excluding anomalies to make our data as accurate as possible. Each quote is based generally includes coverage of the ceremony, formal photographs, watermark-free delivery and in some cases full-day coverage with one Photographer. The results follow, rounded to the nearest integer.

  • Bedfordshire £999

  • Berkshire £1139

  • Bristol £1055

  • Buckinghamshire £968

  • Cambridgeshire £970

  • Cheshire £979

  • Cornwall £962

  • County Durham £1079

  • Cumbria £977

  • Derbyshire £988

  • Devon £840

  • Dorset £1181

  • East Sussex £1065

  • East Yorkshire £981

  • Essex £921

  • Gloucestershire £997

  • Greater London £930

  • Greater Manchester £963

  • Hampshire £1041

  • Herefordshire £975

  • Hertfordshire £1043

  • Isle of Man £1042

  • Kent £959

  • Lancashire £945

  • Leicestershire £1024

  • Lincolnshire £982

  • Merseyside £990

  • North Yorkshire £985

  • Northamptonshire £1012

  • Northumberland £979

  • Nottinghamshire £985

  • Oxfordshire £1102

  • Shropshire £977

  • Somerset £1004

  • South Yorkshire £939

  • Staffordshire £975

  • Suffolk £1010

  • Tyne and Wear £1023

  • Wales £992

Quotes varied from £229 to £2500, and were often reflected in the quality of service and quality of image. The average of our original results provides a reliable indication of the UK's national average price for a Wedding Photographer, which stands at approximately £999.48.

What's Included in the Price?

Clearly, all Photographers offer a variety of packages at different prices, but each bride and groom pay for more than just the Photographer. The price features, but is not limited to, the following costs of an established freelance Photographer.

  • Market-leading Equipment

  • Social Behaviour (communication, inclusivity, impartiality)

  • Transport plus associated costs including long-term

  • Income Tax plus book-keeping

  • Advertising, Marketing & Promotion

  • 0-3 years of formal academia, education and training

  • Photo Editing (heavily time-consuming, requires multiple days per Wedding)

  • Other bills and costs

  • Profit

A Full Day Photography package itself will usually include one Photographer, coverage from bridal preparations to first dance, 300-400 final photographs and Digital Delivery. Here at Wedding Photography & Video UK we also offer an Online User Interface, High Definition Photofilm and Photo-book for the same cost. We like to go the extra mile and keep our prices both affordable and great value.

It's not all about the price

Meeting your Photographer in person or via video-call is essential. You could opt for more convenience and speak over the phone, but you're likely aware that the majority of communication is non-verbal, so to know the person you're speaking to will be the first step to preventing choosing the wrong Photographer for your Wedding.

What's more important of the price is what your Photographer can offer you. Not just the package details, but the style and feel of photography. If you were the Bride/Groom in those photos, would you be happy? Is it what you're looking for? Does the style represent you as a person, and would you be happy to remember your Wedding day like that?

If you get a good vibe from your Photographer, it's unlikely your gut is wrong. Go with what feels right for you - choose a Photographer or brand you can trust.

If you're looking for a Wedding Photographer that offers a contemporary, modern, first-class package for an unbeatable price, click here!

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