Kelli & Andrew

Kelli & Andrew's Wedding was an inspiring day. We met the couple a few years back. They were so down to earth, genuine and open-minded from day one. It's the kind of energy we cherish the most!

The journey of their special day happened at Mere Court Hotel, Knutsford. Unfortunately, a build up of dark clouds towering over the cute building did eventually lead to an opening of the heavens - rain poured down as the guests began to arrive. But anybody who has been to a Wedding before knows rule number one - the weather has no place in spoiling an otherwise incredible day.

Even before the guests started to arrive, we scouted the building to get a feel for its vibe, and reflect that in a number of establishing photos which we always make own first priority at any Wedding venue. What a beautiful little place Mere Court Hotel is, with stunning architecture where it's needed, and a relaxed feel in the communal areas. The ceremony room physically dropped our jaw as we saw it for the first time - a chandelier positioned high above the carefully positioned chairs, and a stunning white carpet lining the aisle for later.

It was clear to us that a lot of thought, effort and time had gone into the personality of the venue, and choosing it. More and more these days we see non-religious weddings, conducted far from a church. They are equally as beautiful to witness, and this one certainly lived up to that description. We feel the lack of God's spirit was compensated for with colour. Again, this place certainly did that well.

Now, we better introduce the real star of the show today. Not Kelli or Andrew (although they are mighty important!) but Master Noah, who began the day very shy on his father's shoulder, but soon opened up as he too absorbed the energy of the venue. Kelli made it clear to us that she wanted as many photographs of Noah as possible. Of course, when he's 18 years old, the family can sit down at the table and reminisce over the special day as a cherished moment of history. That of course will be thanks to their photo-book, included in the Full Day Wedding Photography package.

So, we advanced through the day with friendly banter and smiles all round. The time came where we could photograph the bride in her dress. How beautiful Kelli looked in that white dress. Not only were there smiles, but also tears. Weddings are especially emotional for brides as the fact of the man of their dreams becoming an official part of the family that day hits them. That in itself is a eye-watering concept, wouldn't you agree?

The Wedding of Kelli and Andrew was undeniably a magical day for everyone. The vibrancy of colour, union of incredible personalities and fun vibe around the place made this Wedding an unforgettable day, not just for those who attended as guests, but also for us.