Should you get married in 2021?

Should you get married in 2021?

Clearly 2020 was a disaster for loved-up couples planning to marry. But since 22nd February 2021, the nation has a restored sense of hope and optimism regarding tying the knot. If Boris' roadmap to ease lockdown works, and it likely will due to the miracle of the vaccine, the Wedding industry is likely to see a surge in bookings later this year. The second half of 2021 may unravel itself to be the busiest few months the Wedding industry has ever seen, with postponed 2020 weddings taking place as well as original 2021 events too.

If you've been engaged for some time, you may not be willing to wait a further year or two for the love of safety and security. We would encourage brides and grooms nationwide to finally seal the deal with a ring sooner rather than later, but don't be too hasty in calling the Wedding Planner. Despite science being on our side, nobody knows for sure if the predicted data of lifting lockdown rules will truly be the best idea on the already-specified date. We've seen mistakes made by the government already, and although they are likely to be less intense should any arise, there's always a possibility. The road map out of lockdown is as follows.

8th March:

Schools and colleges to reopen to students. Recreational activities such as picnics permitted outside with own household or one other person, but restrictions on international travel to continue and holidays not permitted reason to travel. Funerals capped at 30 people, with weddings and wakes capped at six.

29th March:

No more than six people or two full households allowed to meet outdoors, although organised sport permitted outside. Guidance remains to “minimise travel”.

12th April:

All retail allowed to reopen. Gyms also allowed to reopen, though only for individuals working out alone. All children’s activities open and outdoor hospitality may resume. Domestic overnight stays allowed but must be restricted to single households. Weddings of up to 15 people are allowed. Wedding hospitality opens up again.

17th May:

Maximum of 30 people allowed to meet up outside. Indoors, “rule of six” applies or two households allowed to mix. Indoor hospitality also to reopen, along with indoor entertainment and attractions, and indoor sport permitted. International travel to be allowed (subject to review).

Events celebrating “significant life events” allowed with up to 30 guests, indoor events extend to 1,000 people or 50% capacity, outdoor seated events 10,000 or 25% capacity, and other outdoor events 4,000 or 50% capacity.

21st June:

Legal limits on social contact ends. All businesses (including nightclubs) may reopen, international travel permitted, and no caps on celebrations and large events. Lockdown will have ended.

Should you still book? Wait until Step Three.

On the 12th April, if stage two of the roadmap comes into force, things are definitely looking up. It's during the early stages of lockdown lifting that issues are more likely to occur, so we suggest leaving a safety blanket of a few weeks until you make the decision to book your venue, wedding photographer and videographer.

Once 12th April is down, and successful, we expect Wedding Planners will once again be incredibly busy.

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