Signs You're Dating your Soulmate

From the way they look at you to the way you feel about them, there are several ways to know if the person you are dating is perfect for you. It's a beautiful concept to think that the person you're going to marry is eminent beyond comparison, that nobody else out there, among the 7 billion humans on this planet, will come close to the unconditional, loving nature of your partner. Chances are you are already dating that one special person.

1. You Feel Calm Beside Them

Whether your anxiety is building or you've come home from work stressed out of your mind, if those feelings of angst rapidly diminish when your partner is with you, that's certainly a good sign. Some people naturally have a calmer vibe, where nothing seems to trouble them and there's always a way forward. In a strong relationship, no matter what your personality type, you should feel calm beside your partner, so you're not second-guessing every word you speak or action you take to ensure it'll please them. You can simply be yourself.

2. They Make You a Better Person

Self-development can be a struggle in a relationship as it can conflict with the desires of your other half. Let's say you want to start a new diet on Monday but your partner begs you for a takeaway at the weekend. Making you go against what you want to do for their benefit is a selfish act. Freedom in some ways shouldn't be left behind when embarking on love. If your partner encourages you to achieve whatever you want, whether it be with diet, career, friendships, or exercise, they are helping you come better than you were yesterday. That is growth, one of the fundamental concepts of living a life with purpose.

3. They Never Judge You

Pulling silly faces in Primark, or Selfridges for that matter, may embarrass your partner, and that's OK. But their reactions should be out of love and not out of hate. Maybe you dated the wrong kind of person previously or were a different type of person. Upon discussing it with your partner, how do they react? Do they knock you down or suddenly morph into Mr or Miss Defensive? The person who truly accepts you whole-fully without condition is likely your soulmate. True acceptance comes from a beautiful heart, something that everybody deserves to have two of in their life (one being your own).

4. You Are Best Friends

If you always want to go places and do things with them, and they're always up for it, then you clearly enjoy each others' company. Best friends know and understand each other. They are in sync and don't need to change to be loved within their powerful friendship bond. They are the bond. Best friends usually travel a similar mindset or pattern of thought, about culture, the world, life. If you see this in your partner there's a good chance you're a match made in heaven, but on Earth.

5. They Lift Your Vibration

The concept of vibration isn't merely for spiritualists. Since the discovery of quantum physics and the invisible world, more data is becoming available in favour of an unknown source, a sort of consciousness owned by the Universe itself. Vibration is everywhere, and the higher your vibration, the healthier you feel, the more vitality you have, and the more positive energy you omit. Others can feel your vibration. If being with your partner brings up your energy and fills your inner power-bank of excitement and joy, you've found someone incredibly valuable to your soul.

6. They'll Sit Down and Talk

Communication is known to be one of the two major factors in any relationship - trust being joint-first. It's important that in any partnership, even in the field of business, discussions take place where both parties will listen with an open mind and converse in a mature, productive nature. Anger solves no issues in the world, but talking from a place of love does. If you are regularly given the silent treatment - something the majority of humans do not deserve - or every time you approach a discussion with your significant other they refuse to co-operate with their full attention, it's time to question if it's something they'll ever be able to do. Talking shouldn't be difficult.

7. You Feel Empathy

Maybe they've recently lost a family member, or finally received a promotion at work. If the feelings you experience are on par with your partners, then your physiological presence is a match. A strong sense of empathy is a tell-tale sign that the person you're dating is your soulmate. If you cry when they do, laugh when they do, and share their motivation and life experiences with a similar feeling, you've made it. After all, humans are almost purely emotional.

8. Their Actions Match Their Words

Hopefully when your partner says 'they'll be there' or 'I'll do it', they'll actually stick to what they say. The same goes for the well-known, three-letter, sometimes overused phrase of "I love you". It's beyond most people's capability to announce those words, but they're not necessarily coming from a place of love itself. Actions speak louder than words. The smallest of actions make the largest impact on a relationship. If they grab a tissue before you sneeze, bring your bottle before you're thirsty, and do the washing up without you asking, there's something to be grateful for. And that something is your partner.

9. They're Always By Your Side

Through thick and thin. Through death and birth. Through easy and difficult. Soul mates stick together no matter the situation. Whether you've lost your job or discovered something about yourself you never knew, people's circumstances change. It's a fact of life. The person who needs to be in your life is the person who will hold your hand when times are low, and support you even when they don't necessarily want to. They'll express their honest opinions but leave the decision-making to you.

10. You'd Fight for the Relationship

You truly don't know what you have until you lose it. That goes for anything. If an argument leads to a situation where breaking up seems likely, or imminent, where you realise the other person is about to leave or already has, the physiological system of your body will change to fight in favour of the relationship rather than against it. Nobody wants to lose someone who is great for their soul. Sometimes loss can be prevented. Especially if you both fight for each other, there's clearly attraction present; the type that goes beyond the physical realm.

11. You Challenge Each Other

Similar to making each other a better person, challenges are needed to push yourself out of comfort and into a state of growth, excitement and understanding. Leaving the comfort zone is what makes life thrilling. All the best things happen away from the couch. Ahem, most best things. If you're both up for pushing each other beyond limits - not the type that cause injury! - then not only will you become better people together, but you're strongly encouraging that your partner remains open-minded and discovers a new perspective on life. Seeing things you never thought you would, and experiencing foreign emotions, grows your understanding of what makes us real.

12. You Share Life Goals and/or Values

Everybody has a number of fundamental core values. Knowing what these are by taking the time to think them through and define them is often the way to live on purpose rather than by accident. Values could include opportunism, a positive mindset, compassion, productivity (even laziness), and education. In essence, values guide us through situations we wouldn't otherwise know how to handle. They write the rules, our own personal bible for life. The more values you share with your partner, the more likely it is you're a greater match.

13. You Can't Imagine Life Without Them

If it's difficult to think of a day in the future where you will not be with your partner, you're likely in deep love with them. As mentioned before, soulmates stick together. For life. If them going away for a 3-day business trip seems like a lifetime without them, you are totally in sync and emotionally attached to this person.

14. You Don't Doubt It

I suppose everyone has doubts from time to time, usually stemming from excessive thought, but the majority of the time you should just 'know' your partner is right for you. If you disagree more than you agree, argue more than laugh and contradict or oppose each other regularly, this match may not quite be what you need to grow. Soulmates call each other soulmates. They know. They just know. Do you know if your partner is your soulmate? If you don't know, go find out.

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